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"maybe life isn’t for everyone"
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"I’m ashamed of myself because I know I should be better and I have no idea how to get there."
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"So I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor I drank more. Nothing has changed, I still love you, I still love you."
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"Even though you say you want to die,
You stop at the crosswalk
And you even look both ways
Before crossing.
You buckle your seatbelt
Every time you get in a car,
Even on the days when you can
Barely drag yourself out of bed.
You don’t break the rules
That keep you alive because
Even though your entire being
Sometimes strains towards
That inevitable end,
You want the end to come
On your terms.
So everyday you stop and look
Both ways
Before crossing at the crosswalk,
Until one day you don’t."
e.e.h. - Cross at the crosswalk and look both ways before crossing (via unraveling-poetically)

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